130 – Faith Over Fear With Stacey Dash
130 – Faith Over Fear With Stacey Dash

130 – Faith Over Fear With Stacey Dash

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
130 - Faith Over Fear With Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash is an accomplished Actress, Author, Healthy Living Advocate, Interior Designer, News Contributor, TV Host, Christian and Mother. Since her breakthrough feature film role in Clueless in the mid 1990s, Ms. Dash has navigated many waters, overcome many personal obstacles, raised two children, remained active in the film and TV industry, and built partnerships in the realms of publishing, broadcast media and merchandising, always speaking to people from all walks of life. Stacey is also very openly a woman gratefully in recovery, recently celebrating 5 years clean and sober as shared with an international audience September 2021 on Dr. Oz.

Whether she is studying Martial Arts with her Shaolin Monk Teacher, designing a new space for her interior design clients or helping her children with a life decision, Ms. Dash knows how to balance family, health, life and career in a sacred way.

Ms. Dash believes in bringing high quality content to a wide and diverse audience and she stands for elevating audiences on screen on stage and online to the highest level through inspired programming, education and empowerment.





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