136 – H.O.P.E. with Chad Hymas
136 – H.O.P.E. with Chad Hymas

136 – H.O.P.E. with Chad Hymas

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
136 - H.O.P.E. with Chad Hymas

On April 3, 2001, Chad was involved in a serious accident, leaving him a quadriplegic. But Chad’s dreams were not paralyzed that day; as you can see below, he’s kept himself busy:

He started Chad Hymas Communications, Inc., a professional speaking company designed to motivate businesses and corporations to “use their wings and reach seemingly impossible heights.”

• The Wall Street Journal calls Chad Hymas one of the 10 most inspirational people in the world! 

• At 37 years of age, Chad is the youngest person ever to receive the CPAE award and be inducted into the National Speaker Hall of Fame.

• Last year, Chad spoke at 220 different events, traveling just over 300,000 miles and speaking on five continents and in four countries.

• Chad has shared his personal message and entertained many audiences from organizations such as Wells Fargo, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ford, IHC, Coca-Cola, and the Utah Jazz.

• He is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a CSP (certified speaking professional), a designation achieved by fewer than 8% in the speaking industry.

• He served as president of the National Speakers Association Utah chapter.

• Chad maintains his hobby and dream of managing a5100-acree elk preserve with his father, Kelly.

• He has raced in marathons and, in the summer of 2003, set a world record by wheeling his chair from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas (513 miles). 

• Chad participates in other wheelchair athletic competitions, including basketball, rugby, and officiating basketball (a dream come true).

• He spends many hours with other injured individuals in therapy, encouraging them to overcome their challenges, focus on dreams and make them a reality, and love life for all that it has to offer. To achieve the unachievable and to reach for the unreachable.

• Chad’s greatest accomplishment is that he remains a devoted husband to his loving wife, Shondell, and a proud father to their three children, Christian, Kyler, and Gracee!


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