159 – Healing The Heart And Body With Heidi Dellaire
159 – Healing The Heart And Body With Heidi Dellaire

159 – Healing The Heart And Body With Heidi Dellaire

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
159 - Healing The Heart And Body With Heidi Dellaire

We go through a breathing exercise and speak with Heidi about all the things she is working on.

Who am I you ask? What a fun question to answer in a way that isn’t all about a title. I am a giver, a big giver, a cheerleader for others success, a writer, nature lover, a heart space advocate, an ear to listen, a heart that understands, a feeler, a heart/soul searcher, an empath and an intuitive healer.

Life has been an incredible journey so far and has taught me so much as a feeler of everything. That hasn’t always been easy, but I have learned over the years how to enjoy life and not let my service-oriented, empathic self get in the way of that.

Life is here for us to live it. We are here to love and be loved. We are here to experience each other and ourselves in our greatest potential. We are here to bear witness to ourselves and all living beings.

Heidi is a Heart Space & Emotional Health Coach, Holistic Health Practioner, Intuitive Healer, Writer, Blogger, and Love Slinger. Love Wide Open is the landing ground for Heidi Dellaire’s musings about all things that are expressed from the heart to learn self-love, self-worth and build confidence in oneself. Heidi specializes in getting people out of their busy heads and back in touch with their heart space. Heidi offers Heart Space Sessions Coaching at heididellaire.com You can also find self-development articles and resources at lovewideopen.com Love Wide Open is a way of life created by founder and owner, Heidi Dellaire. Her podcast Heal Your Story with Heidi Dellaire is listened to in over 40 Countries and all 50 United States. May your always find your self-worth to be your priority.

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