180 – Kristin Taylor Give Tips On Managing Anxiety
180 – Kristin Taylor Give Tips On Managing Anxiety

180 – Kristin Taylor Give Tips On Managing Anxiety

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
180 - Kristin Taylor Give Tips On Managing Anxiety

I bring over twenty years of clinical and coaching experience to my clients …

In 1997, I earned my master’s degree in counseling psychology and was trained as a therapist. In 2007, I transitioned into coaching where my approach to human growth and transformation was greatly influenced by my counseling background. Since becoming a coach, I have supported college students, executives, artists, entrepreneurs and CEOs in activating their life’s purpose with greater courage as they become more liberated from the unwelcome influence of self-doubt. My approach represents a powerful combination of psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience. My areas of expertise include;

  • Development of emotional-regulation and emotional intelligenceto support greater resilience, leadership and connection with others
  • Healing past wounds and updating stories that keep clients “stuck”
  • Liberating clients from “Imposterism” and igniting their most authentic and inspiring leadership presence

I am the host of the podcast How I Made It Through which explores the intersection of personal growth and spiritual experience: https://www.eiqmediallc.com/category/podcasts/howimadeitthrough/

I have authored two books on emotional intelligence and resilience that are currently taught on college campuses across the nation (re:MIND and The Basics).


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