187- Finding Commonalities with Anne Scottlin
187- Finding Commonalities with Anne Scottlin

187- Finding Commonalities with Anne Scottlin

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
187- Finding Commonalities with Anne Scottlin

Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC, is a global impact strategist, award-winning author, actress, and speaker. Her passion is powerfully supporting leaders and changemakers to make the world a better place. Anne has been a professional in the industries of personal empowerment and positive change for over a decade. She is a human rights advocate, emotional wellness specialist, and founder of The Meta Mindset program. Anne’s Global Book Award Winner and Amazon Best-Seller, Live for Joy, has impacted lives around the world, as have her podcasts, articles, and radio & TV appearances. She offers group training, international retreats and workshops, as well as in-person and virtual classes.

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Book Amazon Best-seller – “Live For Joy”

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