26-Be Your True Self with special guest Aubree Nichols
26-Be Your True Self with special guest Aubree Nichols

26-Be Your True Self with special guest Aubree Nichols

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
26-Be Your True Self with special guest Aubree Nichols

Aubree has worked with large companies such as Disney, Olay, MetLife and Beachbody Performance.
My intention is to illuminate the darkness so that others may live in the light – in everything I do.
For my agency and brand clients, I unearth insights and develop creative and impactful ideas.
In my writing and speaking, I dig deep into my heart and life experiences to say what others won’t. Some say I have a black belt in truth telling. I’d like to think I keep it real.
I’m a proud Texan but for 16 years, found comfort in the grit of New York City. I recently switched coasts for the sunshine, waves, and acai bowls of Ocean Beach, California. My instagram @aubree.nichols and writing for The Week, Elite Daily and Observer, has helped me become a resonant voice in the self-love movement, which I believe is the ultimate love story. I am working on my first memoir, Enough, that will inspire women to reclaim their power and cultivate a loving relationship with themselves. Spreading the message of self love is my mission.
I’ve been called a dot connector, inspirer and champion of creativity. After 10 years in NYC ad agencies and earning a Masters Degree in Organizational Change, I focus on nurturing creative culture and process.
My proprietary workshop, Stoked! helps teams get unstuck and ignites breakthrough thinking. As a brand strategist, my approach is founded in the belief that creativity and effectiveness can co-exist. I earned an Effie for my work on the SAAB “Born From Jets” campaign that increased sales 37% within 1 year. As a researcher, I uncover insights by asking good questions, listening for the unspoken and talking to respondents as dear friends.
Whether I’m conducting focus groups, creating a keynote deck, or pouring out my soul on the page, I love what I do. I feel best when I’m creating and am blessed with each new opportunity and challenge.

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