29-B-52’s with Fred Schneider
29-B-52’s with Fred Schneider

29-B-52’s with Fred Schneider

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
29-B-52's with Fred Schneider

Fred Schneider was born July 1, 1951 in Newark, New Jersey.  After graduating from Shore Regional High School he attended the University of Georgia.  During his tenure at the University of Georgia he wrote a book of poetry for a class project, this was the start of his song writing career.  After college he was a janitor as well as a driver for meals on wheels.  The B-52’s were formed in 1976, but didn’t play their first real gig until 1977.  
In 1978 their first hit song “Rock Lobster” was a success in Australia.  In 1979 the B-52’s were signed to the record label Warner Bros. Records.  At this point the B-52’s exploded the world over.  Since then Fred has written many different songs for artists such as Elvira, Foo Fighters, Ursula 1000 and the Superions.  He has also has made some movie apperances in the 1994 The Flinstones as well as a voice only in The Rugrats Movie.  
Fred Currently is half owner of the coffee company Community Roaster.  He has his own coffee line including one named after himself.  He takes some of the purchase price and donates to help the people of Laos.  He feels deeply connected to the people of Laos and has always wanted to give back to the world.  

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