45-Poetry, music, and more with Adam Hartshorn
45-Poetry, music, and more with Adam Hartshorn

45-Poetry, music, and more with Adam Hartshorn

Sprinkled with Hope
Sprinkled with Hope
45-Poetry, music, and more with Adam Hartshorn

“Only you can express what you hold in your chest” – AH

Singer-Songwriter Adam Hartshorn is known for his thoughtful lyrics, and soulful voice. Hartshorn grew up in Washington State, and Utah, but his imagination was born in their mountains. He draws inspiration for his songs from the outdoors, friends, and stories. Mainly a solo performer, he plays the guitar, harmonica, piano and various household items to express the feeling of his songs.

Adam is also an award winning spoken word poet. His honeyed lyricism combined with his humorous and yet heart felt expression leave audiences delighted with the immersive experience of his performances.

Adam’s goal through his music and poetry is to give audiences a cathartic and reflective experience that will leave the audience living more intentionally.




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